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The 2015-16 Michaelmas Term Programming Exercise

The Lent Term Programming Exercise

Mars Lander

For more information about this summer vacation project see the Mars Lander page in Moodle

The Compiler

  • The graphical interface to the C++ compiler that we use is Geany ( on the desktop) though we have several other Integrated Development Environments installed.

  • The compiler is called g++. If you want to know about the compiler itself (but not the C++ language) read the g++ documentation.

Tutorial Guide to C++ Programming

C++ Examples

The source code for the examples in the tutorial guide is online. Alternatively, you can copy the programs from /export/teach/1AC++Examples/ on the Teaching System.

Frequently Asked Questions

Program Animations

These are taken from the lecture course (look for the "film" icon in the handouts). They may take a few seconds to load up. They require an add-on to the browser called "Metacard Reader" - they'll work in the DPO but might not work everywhere else.

There are also some animations on (see for example the Finding roots using binary or interpolation search demo). Like the other animations, they'll work in the DPO but might not work everywhere else.

The GLUE Graphics Library

The Mich term exercises create no graphics. In the Lent term we use the GLUE library to create simple graphics.

More Practice

You don't need our graphics or trading routines to practice C++ in your free time, but you do need a C++ compiler. You can get one for your own machine, work in the cloud or access the departmental machines remotely (see the next section)

Getting a C++ compiler

See our Installing C++ compilers page.

More exercises

Most computing books (including the Deitel & Deitel book on the booklist) offer simple exercises to try. Sites with more exercises include

Remote Access

Want to work on the programs from outside CUED? Then look at the Remote 1AComputing page.

Still stuck?

If you're in a timetabled programming session, try asking a demonstrator. Otherwise, you'll find general C++ information on the help system's C++ page, or you could mail your problem to Tim Love (tl136), or ask him for a meeting.

The Cambridge Coding Academy sometimes offers workshops.