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  • Abstract Class - a class with at least one pure virtual function.
  • Abstract Data Type (ADT ) - An abstract class.
  • Adapters - ways to adapt existing predicates.
  • Algorithm - general-purpose routines for use with container classes.
  • Bag - a multiset.
  • Cast - explicit conversion of an object type.
  • Container - A class that can hold other objects.
  • Iterator - Something that can point to an object in a container.
  • Multiple Inheritance - When a class has more than one base class.
  • Namespace - a scoping mechanism that can scan files.
  • Overloading - When calling a function runs different code . according to the types and number of arguments provided.
  • Polymorphism - not having to worry about the type of object you're dealing with.
  • Predicate - a function object that returns a bool.
  • Pure Virtual function - a function that must be over-ridden in a derived class.
  • The Standard Library - classes, algorithms, and function objects providing support for strings, vectors, lists, maps, strings and random numbers.
  • Template - A class that can be ``filled in'' with various types.
  • Virtual function - a function that can be over-ridden in a derived class.
  • Volatile - a variable is volatile if it might change beyond control of the program.