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C++ is strict about converting from one type to another - much stricter that C is. You can use C-style casting but it's not recommended - instances are hard to find in the code, and it's less type-safe. Try to use the least dangerous (most specific) casting alternative from those below

- used to remove the const qualifier.
- does careful, type-sensitive casting at run time. Can't deal with void*.
- produces something that has the same bit pattern as the original.
- doesn't examine the object it casts from at run time. This is fast if it's safe - and the compiler should tell you if it isn't safe. Can deal with void*. static_cast can be used to reverse any of the implicit conversions (like int to float).

To convert from a const void * to a File_entry** (a common kind of thing to do in C) I had to do

File_entry**fe2= reinterpret_cast<File_entry**>(const_cast<void*>(entry2));