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Maths and Optimisation

  • Netlib's collection of math routines and the Maths help page)
  • Optimisation.
  • NAG (Numerical Algorithms Group) libraries are installed locally on the HP machines (/usr/local/lib/libnag.a). C users should look at (/opt/NAG/include/ HP C users should use the /opt/NAG/include/nagmk17_unix_nus.h include file.

Departmental Facilities

  • gcc is installed on the linux-based Teaching System. See the gcc manpage for details.
  • For information on programming in C, read the CUED Tutorial. It has sections on debugging, pointers, etc and a section of examples.
  • Questions commonly asked at CUED are answered in the FAQ. Mail Tim Love if you have problems.

C++ is a related language.

Postscript and LaTeX versions of local documention are online.