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Note that the Computing Service is now an official Apple Limited Service Provider. This means that Hardware Support can do warranty repairs on Apple desktops and portables, if the machine is owned either by the University of Cambridge and its associated institutions or by a current member of staff or student. To make use of this service, see the contact details

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Accessing the Teaching System

To run graphics programs from the Unix Teaching System to your mac

  • Run the X11 Windows system (it's in the Utilities)
  • Start a Terminal window (the X11 one - its title bar will have an X in it) and type
    slogin -X
    (replace abc123 by your computer ID). Then type
    slogin -X ts-access
    to log into a Unix machine that has xclock, matlab, etc. Type a program's name to run in. Note that some applications will run slowly when run this way.

More information is on our Remote Access page. The Using C++ on Macs page has tips for CUED people.

Macs on the CUED network

Mac machines (OS X 10.5 and above) can connect to other machines on the CUED network in several ways.

As a server

The Sharing panel of System Preferences has options that let other Macs access the machine's files, printer etc. The Windows sharing option starts a samba server so that the Mac's files can be accessed from Windows machines.

As a client

  • NFS - To connect to NFS servers, click on "Connect to Server" from the Finder's "Go" menu and in the address field type the server's URL in this format:
    An Apple site has details.
  • Samba - To connect to a Samba server click on "Connect to Server" from the Finder's "Go" menu and in the address field type the server's URL in this format:
    If your UID is abc123 you can connect to the Teaching System's server by typing
  • An Apple site has details.

Note that the network browser (available for instance when you "Connect to Server") will display some available services. The names of SMB computers appear, but only those on your subnet.

When troubleshooting a connection failure, you can ping the IP address of the other computer using the Mac OS X Network Utility. A successful ping verifies a TCP/IP connection between the two computers. When troubleshooting an SMB connection issue, try checking the Console, which is located in the Utilities folder. The Console log may help advanced users identify an issue.


  • Press 'C' when turning the machine on to run the Operating System on the DVD
  • Press the mouse button when turning the machine on to eject the CD/DVD

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I use iPhone/iPodTouch with Lapwing? - See Connecting an iPhone or iPod Touch to the CUED Wireless network
  • 10.7.0 cupsd is shipped broken, so that all attempts to use the web interface to the cupsd (via http://localhost:631/) fail with "Internal Server Error". To fix, run
    sudo cupsctl --debug-logging
    sudo cupsctl --no-debug-logging
    (Patrick Gosling, 9th May, 2012)
  • How can I install Windows? - probably the best way is to use Boot Camp Assistant which will make the machine dual boot. To select which OS to boot off, you power it on holding the Alt key. I believe that both Parallels and VMware Fusion will allow you to use that partition as a guest OS, so that configuration will give the best of both worlds. As always if you're going to run windows as a guest OS, you need plenty of RAM, so I would recommend that they upgrade the machines to the maximum RAM they can take. (Anna Langley, 8th Aug, 2012)