LaTeX to HTML conversions

Here is an incomplete list of conversions from LaTeX directives to HTML tags.


\chapter{foo}		<H1>foo</H1>
\section{foo}		<H2>foo</H2>
\subsection{foo}	<H3>foo</H3>
\subsubsection{foo}	<H4>foo</H4>
\paragraph{foo}		<H5>foo</H5>
\subparagraph{foo}	<H6>foo</H6>

Paragraphs and line breaking

\par			<p>
\\			<br>

Linking to other documents

\ref{foo}		<A HREF="foo">
\label{foo}		<A NAME="foo">


Unnumbered lists

\begin{itemize}		<ul>
\item foo		  <li> foo
\end{itemize}		</ul>

Numbered lists

\begin{enumerate}	<ol>
\item foo		  <li> foo
\end{enumerate}		</ol>

Descriptive lists

\begin{description}	<dl>
\item[foo] blah		<dt> foo <dd> blah
\end{description}	</dl>

Preformatted Text

\begin{verbatim}	<pre>
\end{verbatim}		</pre>

Extended quotes

\begin{quote}		<blockquote>
\end{quote}		</blockquote>
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