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Using the new (July 2008) WWW house style

When you use the university's current house style with old (pre July 2008) web pages you may find that the formatting goes wrong. Often this is because the house style sets defaults that aren't always trivial to override. Here's an illustration of some known issues


These were produced using the same HTML code

<table border=1>

This is some loose text
<p>This text is in a paragraph</p>

Here's an inline <img src="" 
alt="greenarrow" style="width: 16px" /> image.

The problems are that

Debugging HTML code

Use an HTML-checker

W3C offer various tools on their QA tools page. Their unified validator Unicorn is perhaps the most useful.

Use the browser

Some browsers have extra tools. On the teaching system, Firefox has an "Inspect" feature. When it's enabled, you can can find out about the style of objects on the page by putting the pointer on them. To enable "Inspect" use the "Tools" menu.

Then you'll get extra information like this, showing where the selected item is in the page's object hierarchy, and what style's controlling the appearance.

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