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The mail system enables you to send a message to another user once you know their user identifier. Type the command pine. This gives you pine's main menu of commands. For simple use you need C which lets you compose and send a message, and I that gives you an index of the mail you have received for you to read.

At the bottom of the window pine gives a summary of what commands are available: as you move to different parts of pine the summary changes to give you appropriate help.

First try mailing yourself - type C. You will be presented with a screen to fill in

To      : 
Cc      : 
Subject : 
----- Message Text -----
Put your id on the To line, leave the Cc and Attchmnt lines blank and make up a Subject line for your message.

Then move down under the Message Text line and write your message. You are now in pine's simple builtin editor - you can use the cursor keys to move around and the help at the bottom of the window tell you of other commands you can use. When you've completed your message, send it off by pressing the CTRL key and pressing the X key (i.e. C-x.

Wait a few seconds, and if you are still in the main menu, type I to see if your mail has arrived. If you are already in your mail index, pine will check for new mail and automatically add it to your index every couple of minutes - type C-l to get it to check now. When in the index you can read mail by typing the Return key, and then I to get back to the index once you have read it. When you have finished with a piece of mail you can delete it with the D command.

If you've got a friend nearby, try sending them an email message by putting their userid in the To: field, and get them to send you a message too. You can then use the R command to reply to their email. Wait a few seconds, make sure you're in the main menu (type M if you're not) and type I to see if your mail's arrived.

Typing Q will terminate the mailer.

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