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Text Processing

TEX is a powerful text processing language used throughout the academic community. It provides a fairly low level support for document writing. You have complete control over the style and layout and it is possible to work with a minimal number of macros. TEX provides an unrivaled facility for elegant typesetting of mathematics.

New commands (or macros) can easily be added to TEX. LATEX is a popular macro package which sits on top of TEX and takes the drudgery out of producing simpler documents as well as providing the structuring facilities to help with writing large documents. Automated chapter and section macros are provided, together with cross referencing and bibliography macros. Except for specialised work, you should use LATEX; all the benefits of plain TEX are still present when it comes to doing maths.

In this document we will present an outline of some of the simple features of LATEX. Full LATEX documentation can be found in ``A Document Preparation System: LaTeX User's Guide and Reference Manual.'' by Leslie Lamport. Addison-Wesley 1994. Many handouts are also available.

TEX itself is fully documented in ``The TeXbook.'' by Donald E. Knuth. American Mathematical Society and Addison-Wesley 1984.

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