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Getting help

Typing help will start up a menu-driven program that gives you access to all the locally written documentation and much else besides. It's the first thing to try if you want help. This information is part of the department's web info and can be accessed through the department's World Wide Web home page.

Online Manual:-

The unix online manual gives detailed information on every program on the system. Although it is sometimes quite hard to understand it does cover a vast quantity of material.

If you are not sure what command to use for something, a useful way to find out is to try

man -k topic

which will print out a single line for all the unix manual entries which contain the word topic in their title. You can then find out more using man ManualEntry.

Apart from the online manuals there are a number of useful printed guides which can be borrowed from the machine room at the far end of the Design and Project office. There is a program called manuals which tells you which manuals can be borrowed.

gives access to information that's on the World Wide Web. It's the text-only counterpart to Netscape. Most of the world's available on-line information can be reached, so the sooner you start browsing the better.

Commands giving their own help:-

Many of the graphics commands now accept -help as a flag. E.g., xterm -help gives a lot of assistance.

You can use electronic mail to report malfunctions and get help. Here's a list of people to mail -

operators (the operators). General problems
help More advanced problems, general advice
postmaster Electronic mail problems
newsmaster News problems
webadmin WWW problems
sysman Serious system problems
bugs Bug reports
comments General comments

Programming Advisor:-
Contact Tim Love on 32746 in case of difficulties (e-mail tpl)

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