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Introduction for New Users, part 2

Cambridge University Engineering Department
Teaching Workstations
Tim Love (June 2010)
This document describes some more advanced facilities available on the Terminals in the DPO. It should only be read having reading the First time user guide

More Programs

If you click on the greenarrow at the bottom-left of the screen, you're in the Applications Browser, where there are programs to handle many tasks

More about Terminal Windows

For some experiments you will need to use the Terminal Window. Some useful commands are Note that you can drop icons into the Terminal Window - the name of the file or folder you drop is pasted on the command line.


The option (it's in the Other section of the applications panel) gives access to many customisation options. Some let you customise the desktop effects, while others let you control various options that may help if your eyes and fingers aren't very fast - try the option. The gnopernicus program might be of use too - it tries to read out text, etc.

The desktop can easily be customised too. Two useful features are

Some less useful options

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