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The System in brief

The Teaching System is based around Unix. At its centre is a file server called needle, which is where most users' files are kept as well as some system files. Whichever HP machine you log into (you can't login into needle) your home directory will be the same. Most of the workstations are arranged into clusters of about a dozen machines. These machines have no hard disk; they're just used as graphics terminals letting you log into more powerful machines; HP workstations. At the end of the DPO are some terminals with bigger screens. All the the terminals can display at least 256 colors simultaneously.

club and punch are other HP machines. You can login into then from the workstations or from college terminals. You can log into them from CUED machines using rlogin. Some research machines are set up so that the user files on them are visible from the Teaching System. You can then arrange to have the same home directory whatever machine you're on in the department, but note: only the user files on needle are backed up daily.

See the Introduction to Unix on the Teaching System for more details.

The Teaching System is run by the computer staff. To make the most of the system it's worth finding out what they do and how they might be useful to you.

Information about the department, the Teaching System and the installed applications are on the World Wide Web. If you want information or help quickly, visit the CUED Home Page and the help system

Tim Love
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