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Common Arguments

Nearly all applications accept the following options

-fn fontname Font
-bg colorname Background color
-fg colorname Foreground Color
-title name Window title
-geometry geom Window size and position

These common options are described on the X manpage. The most complicated is the geometry option which lets you choose the position and size of the window. The geom string consists of up to 4 numbers. The first 2 give the size (in characters for xterm, in pixels for just about everything else) and the following 2 give the location (in pixels). So

   xclock -geom 50x50+30+40
will draw a clock of size 50 by 50 at location (30,40) (where (0,0) is top-left).
   xclock -geom 50x50-30-40
would draw the clock 30 pixels from the right edge of the screen and 40 pixels up from the bottom.

Tim Love