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GLO Maker - Generative Learning Object Maker

GLO Maker is a free program for making presentations. It's free and the results are viewable on the WWW as long as the browser has a Flash plug-in. The pages of the presentation can contain movies, images, text and multiple choice quizzes. It's simple to use, easy to learn and useful for adding short presentations to learning material. It's rather limited (no transitions; linear narrative; maths can only be done using images; links to the WWW are tricky, etc) but sometimes it's all you need. I made this demo in 10 minutes during my 2nd session. The demo is available for editing in this zip file - download and unzip it, then load project.glo into GLO Maker. You'll have no difficulty in improving it.

The authoring program is part of the rlo-cetl program that CARET is involved with. It's available for MacOS and Windows. You create your pages using the standard layouts provided (educationally oriented, with optional guidance provided) or by creating your own layouts from the small range of components. It only accepts movies if they're Flash. In GLO Maker's documentation about formats they offer conversion help for Windows users. Mac users will need something like VLC and Handbrake.

Go to the GLO Maker site for demos, documentation and downloads.