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Software Licensing

In a multi-user, networked environment pricing policies are complicated and rules about Software Licensing keep changing. Deals exist at the departmental, university and national level.

  • Departmental - CUED manages a few deals, in particular

    See the Packages / Program License Information page for more information, or ask your local computer officer.

    In general, research groups will have to buy their own software though in special cases (where there's a clear teaching use and/or other divisions are interested) the Computer Systems Committee may agree to a top-sliced purchase.

  • University - Certain software (in particular, anti-virus software) is available for without charge to members of the University from the Computing Service ftp server. The catalogue at lists deals. It's easy to use - just complete as many fields as you want and press the Begin Search button.
    Especially if the program's for personal use you may find that deals are available only from the producer. Note the under the terms of the University's licencing agreements, relatively few products are available for personal purchase. The Computing Service may not sell any Microsoft products for personal use.
  • National - eduserv offer deals for purchases of software, data, information, training materials and other IT related products.

Anyone who purchases licenced software for use on any machine in the department should note the Software Licence Administration procedures necessary to conform to the University Software Policy.