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Info and help commands

There are several commands in matlab to help you get information and find out about your set-up.
ver :-
Tells you which versions of which toolboxes (libraries) are installed.

help command :-
tells you about the command.

type command :-
tells you whether the command is a script or is built into matlab. If it's a script, it's displayed.

which command :-
Locates functions and files. `which fft' tells you whether fft is a built-in command, a function or doesn't exist.

lookfor :-
A keyword search. `lookfor fft' finds commands that deal with fft's and briefly describes them.

helpdesk :-
Starts a WWW browser to display matlab documentation.

path :-
Prints the current matlab PATH. This is a list of directories. When you type a command, matlab looks in these directories for the corresponding file.

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