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LaTeX IIB project report classes

These unofficial LaTeX classes and examples may be of use to CUED IIB students writing project reports.

  • IIBproject.cls (a class file for the final IIB project report - installed on the Teaching System, except on gate). It requires the Engineering Identifier (logo)
  • IIBproject.tex (an example of how to use the IIBproject class)
  • IIBproject.layout (a LyX layout version of the IIBproject class, by Timothy Gale - needs Lyx 1.6 or higher)
  • IIBproject.lyx (a LyX file that uses the above layout, by Timothy Gale - needs Lyx 1.6 or higher)
  • IIBconf.tex (an example of a IIBproject conference paper)
  • IIBconf_2column.tex (an example of a two-column IIBproject conference paper)