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LaTeX Tutorial

You can use p_a_p.eps as your eps file for this exercise
% Add a title page using \maketitle. Incorporate an encapsulated postscript
% logo into it at the position and magnification of your choice.
% Remember to suppress the pagenumber on the titlepage
% the final argument to \renewcommand has been changed.
                                     {-3.25ex\@plus -1ex \@minus -.2ex}%
                                     {1.5ex \@plus .2ex}%


\section{Simple Text}

Words are separated by one or more spaces.  Paragraphs are separated by
one or more blank lines.  The output is not affected by adding extra
spaces or extra blank lines to the input file.
\caption{1cm of space}
Double quotes are typed like this: ``quoted text''.
Single quotes are typed like this: `single-quoted text'.

Long dashes are typed as three dash characters---like this.

\subsection{A Warning or Two}

If you get too much space after a mid-sentence period---abbreviations
like etc.\ are the common culprits)---then type a backslash followed by
a space after the period, as in this sentence.

\subsection{Another Warning}
Remember, don't type the 10 special characters (such as dollar sign and
backslash) except as directed!  The following seven are printed by
typing a backslash in front of them:  \$  \&  \#  \%  \_  \{  and  \}.  
The manual tells how to make other symbols.
\caption{1in of space}

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Updated on 13th January, 1998