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How to use LATEX at CUED

From the command line -
Edit the latex source code using any editor you want, then run latex at least twice, you should be able to preview your *.dvi document using xdvi and print it using lp, but if postscript is implicated at all (if you load in graphics, use postscript fonts, scale, use color, or rotate) then you should convert your *.dvi document to postscript. A typical sequence of commands to process doc.tex would be
 latex doc
 latex doc
 dvips doc.dvi -o
If you want a PDF document, then use ps2pdf to convert the postscript file, or use pdflatex instead of latex

Using a front-end -
we have several latex-based programs ranging from xlatex (which just has buttons to replace command-line operations) to Kile (which includes an editor and many extra facilities).

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