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Rarer filename suffices

.rpm        red hat package
.deb        debian package

.s          assembler source file
.i          C source file after pre-processing by cpp
.il         inline expansion file
.a          (static) library/archive file
.so         (dynamic) library file (SunOS, Solaris, Irix, Linux ...)
.so.4.10.0  (for arbitrary digit combinations) ditto
.sl         (dynamic) library file (HP-UX)
.1          (for arbitrary digit) ditto

.jpg        image/jpeg
.jpeg       image/jpeg
.jpe        image/jpeg
.mpg        video/mpeg
.mpeg       video/mpeg
.mpe        video/mpeg
.tiff       image/tiff
.tif        image/tiff
.ppm        image/x-portable-pixmap
.pgm        image/x-portable-graymap
.pbm        image/x-portable-bitmap
.pnm        image/x-portable-anymap
.tcl        application/tcl
.zip        application/zip
.sh         application/sh
.csh        application/csh
.shar       application/shar
.aif        audio/x-aiff
.aiff       audio/x-aiff
.aifc       audio/x-aiff
.au         audio/basic
.snd        audio/basic
.wav        audio/x-wav
.xbm        image/x-xbitmap
.xpm        image/x-xpixmap
.xwd        image/x-xwindowdump
.avi        video/x-msvideo

.uu         a uuencode'd file

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Updated on 2nd April, 1998