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Originally from Exeter, graduated from St John's College in 1971, and took a Master's Degree at Imperial College in 1972. Then worked for the Bridge Section at Cheshire County Council before returning to Imperial College to take his PhD on the Buckling of Elastic Beams and Beam-Columns. Taught at Imperial College until 1989 when he joined CUED. Is a Fellow of Emmanuel College.


New Materials. Much of our research work looks at the behaviour of new materials (in particular aramid fibres such as Kevlar and Technora) for use in structural systems. The fibres are usually formed as parallel-lay ropes (Parafil), fibre reinforced pultrusions, or braided rods. The short term properties are well understood, but our work aims to determine the long term properties so that due allowance can be made for creep, relaxation, stress rupture and strength retention. Applications include use as prestressing tendons for concrete, stay cables for bridges and roofs, mooring lines for offshore structures and soil reinforcement. This work is being sponsored by EPSRC and Linear Composites Ltd.

Related work is looking at the behaviour of the terminations for parallel-lay ropes, the control of bond between FRP and concrete to prevent brittle failure and the behaviour of very long span bridges which would require suspension cables made from advanced fibres.

Further details are given in a paper presented at FRPRCS-2 in Ghent, August 1995.

Companies who are associated with this work include Linear Composites Ltd, Tension Technology International, Tarmac Building Products, Sir William Halcrow and Partners, Du Pont and Teijin.

Expert Systems. We are studying the design process of prestressed concrete bridges to include the methods into expert systems. We aim to disentangle the procedures so that the system can approach the design in a logical sequence, eliminating iteration wherever possible, thus emulating expert designers rather than inexperienced novices.


Courses currently taught include Plasticity Theory on the IB (second year) course, Elastic Theory on the IIA (third year) course, and the IIB (fourth year) module on Prestressed Concrete - A8.

As Departmental Representative for the Institution of Structural Engineers, I can provide advice to students at CUED about the requirements of membership.

Other work

I am convenor for the Institution of Structural Engineers Study Group on Advanced Composites which meets regularly to discuss the use of new materials in structural engineering.

I am UK editor for FRP International, which is a journal produced by American, Canadian and Japanese institutions to discuss the uses of FRP. Unfortunately, UK readers have to pay to get copies.


See my publications list.

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