Department of Engineering

IT Services

update-www login/password

On 14th May, 2014 the following message started being broadcast to users of update-www shares -

To map these network drives you will need to specify your username as:


e.g. js138 would become AD\js138

(It will no longer be possible to map drives using engineering user ids.)

Your password will remain the same as before (i.e your departmental password, not hermes or raven).

For most Windows users, the first time you try to map or reconnect to a network drive after this change, you will be prompted to enter a username and password. Once you have entered them as above, your computer should be able to store them for future use.

Once you have mapped/reconnected to your network drive with the changed username and password, everything should work as before.

Problems or queries should be directed to in the first instance.