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Mapping a network drive from Windows

To map a network drive you will need to select the Microsoft start button, click on ″Computer″ and at the top of the window that comes up select ″Map Network Drive″.

You are now going to be asked for two bits of information:

  1. Drive Letter: You can leave this as the default or you can use the drop down menu and select a letter of your own.
  2. Folder: This is where you put the path to the area you want to connect to:
    • As of 01/10/2014 we have implemented a new home directory structure, where there was one folder with all files and folders in it there are now three folders:
      • ts-home is for your linux folders and files.
      • windows-home is a folder for your windows information.
      • web-home this folder is for personal webpages on
    • to access your own Linux home directory on the system:
      • \\cued-fs\users\div<Divisional letter>\<CRSid>\<home directory>
      • For example \\cued-fs\users\diva\jpx21\ts-home
      • If you have no Divisional affiliation, for example if you an undergraduate student, you would substitute 'general' for 'div<Divisional letter>'
      • For example \\cued-fs\users\general\jpx21\ts-home
    • to access shared folders you would put:
      • \\cued-fs\<sharename>
      • (e.g \\cued-fs\itserv)

One of two thing can happen at this point, if your computer is already configured correctly you will automatically connect to the shared area or home directory. If that does not happen a new window will open up asking for your authentication details (Engineering Password).

  1. You will need to specify your username as: ad\CRSid (e.g. user jpx21 would become ad\jpx21)
    • Note: Eng. IDs are becoming a legacy system and can no longer be used for mapping network drives.
  2. You use your Engineering Password (not your hermes or Raven passwords) to authenticate to the system.
    1. List of Divisional Letters

      • Division A: diva
      • Division B: divb
      • Division C: divc
      • Division D: divd
      • Division E: dive
      • Division F: divf
      • Division S: divs
      • Administration: admin

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