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IT specific information for the Teaching-System.


  • Teaching-System: Unix and Windows. The Teaching System is spread across two rooms. The DPO and the EIETL. The DPO has 128 computers and the EIETL has 91. Each computer has two operating systems on it; Unix and Windows.
  • Booting an Operating system on the Teaching-System. If the Teaching-System computer is switched off and you press the on button the computer will do it internal checks, the screen will show the DELL logo and then it will display in Monochrome. The computer will pause for a minute and ask you if you would like to boot into the teaching-system Windows system, to do this type Windows. If you do not enter anything or just hit return the system will boot into Unix Teaching-System.
  • Off Site access to the Unix Teaching-System
  • You cannot access the Windows Teaching-System from off-site.