Department of Engineering


Xming is an implementation of the X Window System for Microsoft Windows operating systems - allowing you to run X programs remotely and have them display on your windows machine.

See below for details on how to install and use Xming to connect to machines in the department - or visit the official Xming website for more in depth information.

Installing Xming

We recommend you install both Xming and the Xming fonts. The default installation options should work fine in both cases, though you can select additional fonts if desired, and do not need to install an SSH client if you already have PuTTY installed. On the last page of the installation please untick the box marked "launch Xming" - see below for instructions on running Xming.

Xming 6.9 and the Xming fonts are both freely available, and you can download them directly from Sourceforge for use on any machine using the links below.

CUED's Xming Academic licence will not been renewed (Licence expires 31/01/2014)

The department used to have an Academic licence for Xming, this licence has not been renewd and will expire on the 31/01/2014

Using Xming

We recommend two main ways to use Xming. From any network you can use it alongside an SSH program like PuTTY, which allows you to launch individual programs from the command-line. Within the departmental network you can also use it to provide a DPO-like desktop session with several programs all running inside one Xming window.

Simple remote access

You can use Xming from anywhere to launch X programs from a PuTTY session please see the section on "Using X Graphics" in Remote access from windows.

DPO-like desktop within the department

Once you have Xming installed you can download x-access.xlaunch and save it on your computer. Simply double-clicking this file will launch a DPO-like session. This requires you to be on the same network as the server, so will not work from outside the Department.