Department of Engineering

IT Services

Remote access to protected WWW resources

If you are on a machine that's outside the university but you want to access web resources available only from inside the university there are several options.

  • Pages that used to be available only to university machines are increasingly becoming Raven-protected - for example, eresources@cambridge gives access to many academic resources.
  • The University's VPDN service lets your computer be seen by remote sites as being part of the University network.
  • You can remotely log into the central CUED system and run a browser from there. On Linux (or on a Mac having started the X Windows system), type
      slogin -X
      slogin -X ts-access
    and then type
    For some things it's not as fast as when you're sat in CUED, but access abilities are the same. For Windows you probably will need to install somesoftware first.