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Glossaries and Acronyms with LaTeX using the glossaries package

Put the following (adapted from the supplied minimalgls.tex file) into a file called doc.tex

\usepackage[acronym]{glossaries} % make a separate list of acronyms


description={a sample entry}}

acronyms]{aca}{aca}{a contrived acronym}

A \gls{sample} entry and \gls{aca}. Second use: \gls{aca}.

Plurals: \glspl{sample}. Reset acronym\glsreset{aca}.
First use: \glspl{aca}. Second use: \glspl{aca}.



Then do

 latex doc
 makeglossaries doc
 latex doc

The resulting file should have some text, a glossary and an acronym section. Note that the command lines required might be slightly different at your site - the example above works on CUED Unix Teaching System.

If you have problems, check the *.log and *.glg files for information. For details on troubleshooting, features and multiple glossaries, see the glossaries documentation.