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Printing Your 4th Year Project

The purpose of this page is to provide hints for producing your project report, conference paper and presentation. Obviously the DPO printers are used continuously at this time of year, especially as the 3rd years students are also working on their projects.

Do not leave printing till the last minute - you will not be alone.

Two uniflow printer/copiers can be found in a room off of the DPO (Room Number IE1-31) near the IT Helpdesk Office. The printer room is not locked.

All our uniflow printers print A4, A3, colour, black and white, single sided and duplex. By default printing to the uniflow printers is A4, black and white and duplex. If your requirement is different, you will need to specify this when you send the job to print.

Microsoft Office 2013 in available on cluster 8 in the DPO (the two benches closest to the printers). Check well in advance that the office product you have written your project in is available on the teaching system, and is a compatible version (later versions may have to be saved as a 2013 version).

Moving a file from one system to another can cause a change in formatting, so allow plenty of time to reformat/tweak your documents as necessary. Exporting your document to pdf will overcome this problem, but may lead to other issues (reduction in print quality of images etc.)

When printing, check that you are printing to A4 paper, and NOT the US default of letter size paper (as this will cause the printer to stop and ask for paper).

See the IT Helpdesk opening times, for helpdesk availability.

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