Department of Engineering

IT Services

Restore facilities

Restoring a File

To restore files on the Central Engineering System, please contact helpdesk. Follow the link to see more information about the backup strategy.

Restoring a Web Page

Pages on the central departmental web servers are backed up four times a week. If you need to restore a page to a previous version, please contact the IT Helpdesk with the full URL of the page that you need to restore.

Restoring lost email

All users now have their personal email sent to their account on Hermes. It is normally possible to recover email which has been lost within the last week. Please send requests to To recover lost messages they need to know the name of the mailbox from which the messages were lost (INBOX if it was from your incoming mailbox) and the rough time that the messages were lost. Note that they do not need to know the subjects or senders of messages, and the contents of messages will not be seen by those doing the recovery.

If you have a role account on the engineering mail servers and have problems with lost mail please contact the helpdesk for assistance. Engineering mailboxes are backed up every night.