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Disk Quotas

Each user is allocated an initial disk quota along with their userid. This places limits on the amount of disk space a user's files can occupy.

The current default initial limits are:

  • Undergraduates - 10 Gb

  • Postgrads and staff - 50 Gb

This limit is slightly elastic, so you will most likely be able to write a bit more than your quota limit before the system "notices" and issues an over quota warning. Further attempts to create or extend files will fail.

Disc quota and usage information are provided via the "quota" command, available on the DPO terminals and Linux Teaching System servers.


        Used Quota %age
user123 330M  10G  6%

Which means that user user123 has a 10 Gb quota limit and is using 330 Mb of this quota.

For some disk tidying hints click here.

If you have a justifiable reason for requiring an increase in your quota allocation please contact the helpdesk.