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January 2011

Building Work

planThe Operators Office, Computer Room and the office space next to this are due to be refurbished next term and the Print Room relocated from the third floor of the Baker Building to bring together in one place, and improve accessibility to, computing and print support functions in the Department. In addition, the scheme will establish a direct connection at first floor level between the Design & Project Office and the main staircase in the Inglis Building. The cooling in the Computer Room will be updated to achieve significant energy and cost savings. The attached plan illustrates the layout to be implemented.

All activities in the DPO will continue as normal, but please note that the Computer Operators will be temporarily located in an office (IE1-38) down the corridor from the DPO to the Upper Workshops (some of their services will be unavailable while they are); the Print Room will be temporarily located in LR5 (just to your left as you exit the DPO on the Baker side); and lectures scheduled for LR5 will be in Oatley Meeting Room 1 (on the floor above the DPO). Tim Love has moved to office BE2-04.

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