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Computing for IIB project students (draft)

Some information about CUED computing of particular relevance to IIB project students

Project Management

See the Computer Project Management page (dealing with slippage, estimation, etc).

Remote access to the Teaching System

You may well want to use machines from home (or research machines in the department) to access the main Teaching system. There are several ways to do this. See

Text Processing

A minimal IIB project report LaTeX example exists. If you want the (minimal!) class file for your own machine, copy it from /usr/local/teTeX/share/texmf/tex/local/IIBproject.cls on the Teaching System.


See the printing page for details on how to use transparencies, etc. For more general information read Printing Your 4th Year Project. You find out what Job Number to use when printing out project-related work, see the PIN page.

Note that you have no priority as far as printing goes, and the printers get very busy as deadlines approach.


By the time you've reached the 4th year you may have used up your allowance of disc space. See the quota page if you need more space.

Long-running programs

See the Running Long Programs page. Ensure that you've optimised them first (sometimes it's quite easy to speed up matlab programs - see the Matlab for CUED IIB project students, Easter term page) and run small-scale tests first so you can estimate how long the full-scale job might take. See the Big processes page if you want to make your programs smaller.

IIB project students have priority on the IIA-projects machine (which you can use remotely).

Web space

It's simple to put details of your work online. Anything that's readable by everybody in a folder called public_html in your home folder is "on the web". See How to create unofficial web pages for details.